Download of dataset inside full-screen dashboard

HenriChabert Registered Posts: 2

Hello Dataiku community!

I would like to be able to download a dataset from a dashboard that has been set in full screen. When I click on the download button, nothing happens.

To replicate:

- Share any dataset to a dashboard

- Activate full-screen mode

- Try clicking on download button

Do you see any workaround to be able to download the data?


Operating system used: MacOS


  • Turribeach
    Turribeach Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Neuron, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered, Neuron 2023 Posts: 1,727 Neuron

    I can reproduce the problem, looks like a bug to me. Please raise it with Dataiku Support. If I press ESC I to exit Full Screen Mode then I get to see the missing download popup.

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