IOException: Failed to start kernel, caused by: SecurityException

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User 'username' does not have credentials for plugin credential request '"PLUGIN","sharepoint-online","oauth-login","Security Group","sharepoint_oauth"'

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    This issue occurs when the user doesn't have credentials set for sharepoint-online plugin. ​

    As mentioned in the documentation each user must manage their own credentials individually in their DSS profile.

    Users can enter their personal credentials by performing the following steps:

    1. Navigate to DSS profile page by clicking on profile icon in the top-right of the UI.

    2. Click on username > go to the “Credentials” tab > "Plugin credentials".

    3. Click on the edit button for the sharepoint-online plugin preset. This will redirect to a Microsoft single sign on page.

    4. Log in to the account (if prompted) and click on "Yes".


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