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We are migrating from one dataiku server to another and I would like to export all our SQL Notebook queries. I can see that a Jupyter Notebook has a "File Save As" option, however, I don't see that option for a SQL Code Notebook.

I have a number of SQL Notebooks, each with a number of queries. Is there a way to export those SQL queries to a file? Or is there an option to include SQL Notebooks in the "Flow Document Generator"?

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    Hi @Henk

    Indeed there isn't a way to export SQL notebook queries easily from the UI. They do live in a file on your DSS server though, so perhaps you can extract the queries from the underlying files directly.

    You'll find them in:


    The queries will be in the "sql" element for each notebook cell.


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    Why would you manually export items like this? Makes no sense. Either backup and restore your Dataiku DATADIR, in which case you get everything back as it was, or you can export individual projects that you want. Either way you are not messing with individual files.

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