v12 DocGen placeholders

shaynweidner Registered Posts: 1

Is there any other way to figure out all of the potential placeholders for the Model Document Generator templates (or the Flow Document Generator, for that matter)?

The reason I ask is that with v12, the online documentation doesn't appear to be up-to-date, nor does the sample template match the "default template" that is used by DSS when exporting model documentation. My primary reason for asking is that the default template now includes the Absolute feature importance (Shapley importance), but the proper placeholder for it is nowhere to be found in any documentation. By trial and error I found that it is {{result.absolute_importance.plot}}. But is it possible to include the Feature effects Shapley plot? One or more Feature dependence Shapley plots? Ideally there would be a way to list out all of the placeholders that the backend placeholder extractor will recognize, or at least intuit what they could be.

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