Only one user can run scenario at a time in Webapp

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I have a former colleague who developed a code (Python, HTML, CSS) webapp that allows non-Dataiku users in our organization to run scenarios from my teams projects with different input parameters and receive the analysis output via email when the scenario completes. One item we've recently struggled with is the growing user base of our analysis tools and issues with multiple users using the webapp at once to run the same scenario. If one user already run the scenario and other users try to run the same them they have to receive popup like "Scenario already runnng". Queuing the scenario is not what we except. Only one user can run scenario at a time and if other user tries then they thay to receive popup massage without queuing scenario.

Any idea how we can achieve it?



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    Validate the scenario that you will execute via the Python API to make sure it is not running, if it is running don't submit the request to run it again.

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