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Hello everybody,

I would like to understand the reuse of datasets, and ho it it managed because it is not very clear to me.
Here is my case : I have a dataset, that is the output of a recipe (let's call it D1). I would like to use D1 in another flow zone of my project, without creating a full copy of it, but a linked copy (like we would do with symbolic links under Unix).

The version I use is : 9.0.1. I suppose it is Enteprise edition (it is my customer's one), but I cannot see this information.

What I did is the following :

1) I right-clicked on the D1 is the source flow zone Z1

2) I selected "Share to a flow zone", and the zone where the link should be copied (let's call it Z2).

After validation, I can see D1 in the soure zone with a lightblue border, and the D1 share (let's call it D1_share) in the new flow zone.

After a few operations, I would like to remove D1_share in Z2 because I notice it is useless in Z2.
So I right-click on D1_share and select "Delete". After validation, DSS warns me that all the recipes having D1 as input or ouput will be removed in all zones where D1 is involved.

So I guess my way of doing is wrong, and this lets me think that D1_share is not a linked copy as I expected, but a pointer to the source.
How can I do a copy that is a linked copy and not a true copy ? When I right-clik on D1 in the source zone and select 'Copy' in 'Other actions', I do not find the way to do this. All the copies are "true copies".

Could you please give me lights on this ?

Thanks you in advance.

Best regards,



  • Emma
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    Hey @jlbellier

    I'm not sure I understand your use case. However, in Dataiku, you can either create a "true copy," as you call it (a duplicate of the data) or a pointer.

    If you share with a Flow Zone and realize it is not needed, you can move it back to the original Flow Zone it was in so that it doesn't clutter the second Flow Zone.

    I hope that helps,


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