Interactive ML Performance Dashboard in Dataiku

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I'm reaching out with a product idea that has been on my mind recently:

Idea: An Interactive Machine Learning (ML) Performance Dashboard.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Difficulty in real-time tracking of deployed ML models.
  • The hassle of manually monitoring model metrics across different stages.
  • Keeping non-tech stakeholders updated on model performance.


  • Provides real-time insights into how models are functioning in the wild.
  • Assists in early detection of model drift or anomalies.
  • Facilitates transparent communication with non-technical team members.

Scenarios & Use Cases:

Model Drift Detection: Say you've deployed a model for predicting customer churn. Over time, customer behavior patterns change. With the proposed dashboard, one could instantly notice if the model starts performing poorly, indicating potential model drift.

Stakeholder Communication: Consider a scenario where a product manager, without a tech background, wants to understand how the ML model is performing. An interactive, visually appealing dashboard would allow them to quickly grasp the model's efficacy and areas of concern.

Label(s): Machine Learning, Dashboard, Monitoring, Real-time

In a nutshell, an Interactive ML Performance Dashboard would simplify the monitoring process, instill confidence in our ML deployments, and encourage cross-team transparency. I believe such a feature would be a significant addition to Dataiku's capabilities.

Thanks for considering!

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