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I want add new column to dataset where I need to fill data as unique sequence data combination of both string and numbers like AB1,AB2,AB3, XYZ1,XYZ2,YX1 like.

How can I add new column with data like above.

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  • Turribeach
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    Use a Prepare recipe and Formula processor. You can combine other column values.

  • Rahulvk
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    Here is the python code

    Import pandas as pd
    def alpha_sequence(n):
       return ['ab' + str(i) for i in range(1, n+1)]
    n = 10000
    sequence = alpha_sequence(n)
    df = pd.DataFrame(sequence, columns=["Unique_id"])
  • obireddy
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    How can I put this code in to prepare recipe, to generate sequence numbers for new column?

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