Notebook kernel dies

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Hello, everyone.

I upgrade R 3.6 to R 4.3.1 in my instance. I could rebuild, create and install R enviroments. But when I want to use R notebooks, kernel dies as show on figure bellow. Even I can run R recipes. But not notebooks.

I don't have any problem with python notebooks.

It is important to mention that I had problems to add some packages on R enviromentss after upgrading because IRKernel could not be installed. So I tested it on my machine directly through R terminal and I had the same error. So I installed some dependencies on my machine and I could install packages.
On the R terminal I wrote:
But when I executed IRkernel::installspec() to register kernel an error said: jupyter-client has to be installed but “jupyter kernelspec --version” exited with code 127.
I installed jupyter-client, but the error was the same.
I don't know if it is related with the problem of notebooks.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you very much!!

Operating system used: Centos



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