Display user id on Scenario Last Runs screen

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We have a lot scenarios that get executed manually. There appears to be no easy way in the GUI nor the logs to see who triggered the scenario manually. So please add the user_id to the Scenario Last Runs screen as shown below. Also it will be much appreciated to be able to who the Run As user id was. The Run As user id can be changed so is important to be able to see who the scenario ran as so we can see if a failure is related to a user id change. Also if the scenario is set to Run As = Last Author the Run As user id can suddently change if a user makes a change in the scenario. This has caused us issues on user scenarios where we don't have runner accounts.

Scenario Last Runs screenUntitled.png

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    Hello @Turribeach

    Thanks for the input, I have updated our existing backlog request around this with your name.

    We'll keep you updated if/when we have more visibility on when this could be implemented

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