Is it possible to run a custom plugin from a custom Create-Project Macro?

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Is it possible to run a component (such as a macro) of another custom plugin (PluginA) from my custom Create-Project Marco?

My custom Create-Project Marco will

  1. Create a Dataiku project
  2. Setup resources in a third party Data Store A
  3. Setup access control on the resources in Data Store A

In order to run step 3, it requires an elevated permission (such as admin privilege) of data store A, while step 2 requires read/write permission to data store A.

The idea is to create a separate plugin with its own parameter-set to store admin credential to setup the access control. While my Create-Project Macro with its own credential to run step 1 and 2.

Another question will be is it possible for a custom create project macro to have two different presets (one has admin credential and the other has user credential).




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    This is more of a curve ball but about changing tack and making this a Python web app (Dash, etc) which uses the Dataiku API where you can have authenticated users and perform the actions behind the scenes with the required elevated permissions.

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