a process which never end at the end of my plugin workflow

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Dear Gurus,

I have a plugin which finishes in one minutes but I get the following message (every one minute) and it seems it fall into an infinite loop.

This is when I write final result in an output file system:

[03:54:22] [DEBUG] [dku.resource] - Process stats for pid 1113786: {"pid":1113786,"commandName":"/opt/dataiku/data/code-envs/python/plugin_sgy-metadata-reader_managed/bin/python","cpuUserTimeMS":21670,"cpuSystemTimeMS":26470,"cpuChildrenUserTimeMS":0,"cpuChildrenSystemTimeMS":0,"cpuTotalMS":48140,"cpuCurrent":0.9158168366326734,"vmSizeMB":2452,"vmRSSMB":228,"vmHWMMB":245,"vmRSSAnonMB":202,"vmDataMB":2173,"vmSizePeakMB":2452,"vmRSSPeakMB":228,"vmRSSTotalMBS":5475,"majorFaults":0,"childrenMajorFaults":0}

any idea why?





  • Turribeach
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    This is not an infinite loop but a normal process stats that Dataiku runs on all running jobs. We would need to see the plugin code to understand exactly what you are doing. But for a start I would suggest you add some logging to your plugin so you can see what's going on, where is it spending time running, specially if you have a for loop.

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