Announcing the 2023 Dataiku Neurons

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What is a community without its members? It wouldn’t even exist! That's why we're beyond excited to recognize those who contribute most to connecting and helping fellow Dataiku users across the community.

What is the Dataiku Neurons Program?

Founded in 2020, the Dataiku Neurons program aims to recognize the most active members in the Dataiku Community who go above and beyond to share their knowledge with others. From answering questions in the Discussions boards to suggesting Product Ideas and publicizing their use cases in the Frontrunner Awards — their contributions are fueling our mission to democratize data science for everyone.

Throughout the year, the program offers them unique opportunities to enhance their skills and reputation in the industry while enjoying their time together and with our teams. This includes a personal Dataiku Business license, insights into pre-release products, access to our Product team for brainstorming and feedback, and exclusive quarterly events on their topics of interest.

Meet the 2023 Dataiku Neurons


Drum roll, please... Meet and greet the 30 members of the 2023 cohort on the official Dataiku Neurons page!

Here's a sneak peek into their inspiring data stories:

What's In It For You?

The Neurons are ready to help users like you across the Dataiku Community. If you have a question for any of them, or are simply looking to get to know a new practitioner in your field, don't hesitate to reach out – their Dataiku Neurons badges make them easily recognizable!


That’s not all: the program will also include bi-annual additions to acknowledge even more exceptional Dataiku users! Complete this form to share how you (or your friend or colleague) are assisting people in leveraging data science and AI with Dataiku, and we'll respond to you shortly.

Any questions on the program or suggestions to better fit your needs? Let us know in the comments!

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