loading data from Redshift to Postgre SQL

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Hi All,

I have table in Redshift with columns A,B,C and I want to add this table data to another table in Postgre SQL without deleting records in postgresql.

Is it possible in Dataiku.


Redshift Table

employee Table with Columns A,B,C

Postgresql Table

Employee table with columns X,Y,Z

I want to add A column values to X ,B to Y and C to Z

I have only redshift connection in dataiku.


  • Alexandru
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    You will likely need to use code to achieve this. By default, DSS will drop the table if you are to sync from Redshift to Postgres. You can opt to perform append on the output; this would work if the schema matches between Redshift and postgres table. This doesn't appear to be the case here.

    An option is to handle the inserts using SQLExecutor2 ( see page 23)

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