Automating Flow to Grab Newet Data Cut

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I am a new dataiku user and I was wondering how I could use the dataiku flow for my project to automatically grab the newest data cut from a schema in Snowflake. I have the project setup and manually loaded in the newest data through a Snowflake connection.

Is there a way to

1. Write a code recipe (preferably in R or SQL) that will automatically grab the data I need from the Snowflake connection.


2. Have this code grab the newest data in a specific schema (data is named in the following way: data_202301, data_202302, etc).

I know if I was able to use an R script to load the data I could grab the last 6 characters of the data name and find the max of those numbers, but I am not sure if dataiku allows a recipe to be the first step in the flow, or what the R code would be to connect to the data in Snowflake.

Any help is much appreciated!

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