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Hi everyone,

I want to ask if there is a limitation of the libraries' versions that someone can use in code environments. For example if I am working with python 3.9, the versions of the libraries that I can use are related only with the version of python or there is any other limitation?

If there is a specific limitation related with DSS, can I find somewhere the list with the supported versions of libraries?

Thank you!


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    Hi @e_pap

    To find the built-in libraries required, you can look at under "base packages" in "Packages to install" for the code env

    To use DSS API you need these base package and you can install any packages that don't conflict with these.

    If you do have conflicts and you need specific packages not compatible with datiaku base packages, you can disable the base packages, but that does mean Datiaku API access is lost you can uncheck install core packages

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