Output a project created in no-code as a python script.

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Hello Community.

I have the following situation and was wondering what is possible:

I have created a machine learning model with no code using the Dataiku environment.
I want to run that created model in my local environment.

I was wondering if it is possible to write a Python recipe/script that would do the following:

Output the pre-processing part created with no code as a python script.

Would this be a possibility or do you think of a different solution?

Sachi Evans


  • Alexandru
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    If I understand this correctly, this would not be possible for preparation steps of your flow can't be exported to python code.

    For your model the visual analysis part you can export an approximative export using :

    But as noted, this would be only an approximation for educational and explanatory purposes only.

    If the goal is to run the model else where then you can deploy the model to an API endpoint or export the model to Python/Mlflow. See model export option in above quoted doc.


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