problem in creating a score dataset

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I'm unable to create a score dataset due to some error. Please provide me the related document or video for my problem in the project. The above attached image defines the error, please refer to it.

Screenshot (170).png

Operating system used: windows 10



  • Miguel Angel
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    The error message is quite clear:

    Cannot apply the model with the dataset schema (Missing column: active_time)

    It seems the dataset we aim to score is missing a column the model uses as a feature in the scoring.

    Another option is that the data column is there but it has a different header. DSS looks at the column headers to determine whether the schema is correct. In that case, modify the column name to fix it.

  • RupeshAyyapured
    RupeshAyyapured Registered Posts: 5

    sir, can you tell me or provide me the proper guidance regarding how to add a specific column from trained dataset into the test dataset.

    Please explain briefly as much as possible and provide the solution as soon as possible.


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