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I am an avid user of the Dataiku APIs as we try to automate monitoring and admin tasks in our Dataiku environments. I always found the "old" API dopcumentation to be confusing and lacking in code examples on how to use the different API methods. I also found confusing the fact that there are actually 3 different API frameworks: Python from inside Dataiku (import dataiku), Python from outside Dataiku (import dataiku-api-client) and REST from outside.

The new Developer Guide site brings a lot of clarity (for me at least) and it's a great resource for any Dataiku Developers / Administrators wishing to use the Dataiku APIs. The new site has a Getting Started section for people just starting with Dataiku and a great Concepts and examples section where most of the API methods have usable code snippets (yeah! No more asking chatGPT for code samples). The Tutorials section is also very interesting showcasing the Dataiku capabilities such as creating a WebApp that allows a user to upload a file to process it.

So I like to thank everyone involved in the Developer Guide site as I think it's a great piece of work. While not everything in this site is new content, the fact that usefukl content has been consolidated into a single place and organised in a sensible way is a great achievement. It's also clear that a lot of thought has been put in creating content that's usable from the Developer's point of view as seen in the Development environment section for instance where the guide covers the different development tools users can use.


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    Hi Turribeach, thanks for the kind words! Dataiku's Developer Advocacy team has been putting a lot of time and effort into launching the Developer Guide, and it's always nice to know that our work is useful

    More doc consolidation, new tutorials and examples are on the way so stay tuned!



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