Filtering Data based on a created EST time Column from a UTC Column

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I have a dataset where the data has a time stamp that comes in as UTC that I convert to EST. I did this by format date recipe.


I am trying to filter the data now, by filtering the data from 8AM-9PM, for 5/24. However, the filter is returning values that are outside of this specified time frame. (example: its returning values that have an EST time stamp of 5AM). Additionally, when I hover over the EST column and click analyze, it says that the max value in the data set is "2023-05-24:20:59:50". However, when I scroll to the bottom of the dataset, the maximum value it shows 2023-05-24:16:59:50. And when I export the data set as a CSV, the maximum value in the EST column is 16:59:50. So well before 9PM

Would anyone have any idea of what is going on here? I am confused as to why the filter is returning values that come before 8AM, and I am also confused that its saying that the dataset has values up until 9PM. But I can not see them in the dataset, and I can not get it to export in a CSV.

(I am not sampling the dataset in the filter) I have no sampling selected.



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    I am suspecting that the issue is caused by the -0400 at the end of each record in the EST column because if you notice, the differences that you mentioned in the dates are by 4 hours. It would be useful if you could please share the exact steps and their components that you applied in the recipe. Maybe the Timezone that you use in the filter step is not the right one.


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