How to mention people in Teams messages?

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Right now I'm using Reporters + Teams Adaptive cards to mention people inside messages. Is there a way to mention people via Python API messaging? Something like

message_sender = scenario.get_message_sender("LS_data_ingestions_channel")
# some HTML-formatted text
html_message = "<p style='color:orange'>Your scenario is running!@NameSurname&lt;/p>"
message_sender.send(subject="The scenario is doing well", message=html_message, sendAsHTML=True)

The second possible solution is sending adaptive cards jsons via message_sender. There are no examples/docs on that subject, unfortunately. Does anyone know if it is possible to do so?

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    A similar approach could work to send you can create a team channel in Administration -Settings - Notifications & Integrations.

    from dataiku.scenario import Scenariojson_payload = """{"@type": "MessageCard","@context": "","themeColor": "${if(outcome == 'SUCCESS', '29AF5D', '')}${if(outcome == 'FAILED', 'F44336', '')}${if(outcome == '', '28A9DD', '')}","summary": "${scenarioName} run report","sections": [{"text": "${if(outcome == 'SUCCESS', '&#x2705;', '')}${if(outcome == 'FAILED', '&#x1F534;', '')}${if(outcome == '', '&#x1F514;', '')} [${scenarioName}](${scenarioRunURL}): **${outcome}**","facts": [{ "name": "Project", "value": "${scenarioProjectKey}" },{ "name": "Triggered by", "value": "${triggerName}" }]}],"potentialAction": [{"@type": "OpenUri","name": "View in DSS","targets": [{ "os": "default", "uri": "${scenarioRunURL}" }]}]}"""scenario = Scenario()sender = scenario.get_message_sender("msft-teams")sender.send(message=json_payload)

    I don't have a Microsoft team account to test, but it worked with a webhook endpoint the payload was received accordingly.



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