Scenario's "Run As" not getting replicated in app instance by other users

Chhavidb Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Registered Posts: 1

Hi there,

I have a use case in which there are multiple users of an application who won't have access to all the databases being used in the flow and are not expected to have it either. For this, I changed the setting in scenario from "Run as: last author of the scenario" to my user id. But when some one creates a new instance, the run as gets changed to their user id, and so it gives an error. Any way this can be tackled?

Any help is much appreciated



  • ChrisWalter
    ChrisWalter Registered Posts: 11

    I've faced a similar challenge. It seems like the "Run As" setting isn't persisting across app instances. Check if the users creating instances have the necessary permissions to modify this setting or if there's any workflow automation that's interfering. You might need to set up user-specific permissions or consider using a more centralized approach to handle this issue. Hope this helps!

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