How to set up a check if change in a particular value on a dataset

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I am reading a dataset from our data lake. This dataset is very critical to a lot of DSS projects and recently there have been failures in the upstream pipelines that has caused the dataset to build successfully, but not have any new records in it - This without our data team noticing it apparently. So I have set up a TOP N recipe on the dataset that takes the latest date in a "created_date" column in the dataset. This column should show new records everyday with today's date - Which will indicate to me that there is indeed new data coming in. My TOP N dataset does not have any other columns than the "created_date" column and it only shows one row - So I just need to check if there is a change in that one value. Only the TOP N recipe's output is in DSS - The dataset being read is not produced by DSS but only read from the data lake.

Is there a way to set that up easily I don't seem to be able to find?



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    An alternative might be to compute and column todays_date and and date diff with created_date and todays_date and set a checks if that value goes above 0. But I do not seem to able to set that check up either (I know how to create the logic mentioned just not the actual check).

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