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I am using a scenario to build a managed folder where an image is saved. However, before launching the scenario (through a dashboard), I might modify project variables. However, the scenario seems to use the previous variable (actually the recepe ran by the scenario). The newly variables are ignore in the scenario, even if I run from the scanario window. And when I run manually the recepe, the newly defined variable are used.

I thus guess the problems comes from the scenario and how it reads project variables...

And even if I manually change the variable in the variable window, the scenario still uses the previous.

Also note that the variables are currently accessed and modified by a webApp which uses the

handler = dataiku.api_client().get_project(dataiku.default_project_key())

vars = handler.get_variables()

vars['standard']['myvar'] = "myvar_value"

Operating system used: Windows


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    it looks like I am answering all my requests by myself...

    So, the problem seemed to be in the scenario build step. You should select:


    Initiallym build required dataset was selected and it was not "refreshing" the recepe with the new project variables.

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