file-based partitioning - add the "week" granularity in dataiku's time dimension

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Dataiku provides the option for partitioning data based on time, but currently it is limited to four granularities:

  1. year
  2. month
  3. day
  4. hour

It would be beneficial to have a "week" granularity available as well.

This would be particularly useful for companies, like ours, that process data in weekly batches. Having a time dimension that aligns with this time pattern would allow for launching batches on corresponding dataset partitions, making data processing more efficient and aligned with business needs.

cc : @ElieA

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  • ElieA
    ElieA Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS ML Practitioner, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered, Product Ideas Manager Posts: 31 Dataiker

    Thanks for submitting this idea and for sharing the context around why it would be useful to your team.

    You'll be pleased to hear this idea is in our backlog. It is a request we've received from customers--and we are determining the next steps for development.

    We can't provide a timeline at this point, but be sure to check back for updates! For everyone else, kudos the original post to signal that you're interested in Dataiku developing and releasing this feature!

    Take care


  • ebbingcasa
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    Seems like voting is the new kudos, so I did that instead. Would be a big help depending on the raw data.

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