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I was testing Dataiku extension for bitbucket, and decided to use of the DSS Projects for doing so and selected the Credit Card Fraud, after successfully done the first Fetch, Pull and Push, I did some minor modifications in the Prepare recipe and went at the Version Control page to Push modifications that I've done. There was an error message related with the gitignore file which I don't remember, and also it's not saved at the dataiku log pane.

When I came back to the Project, I received an error saying the Project no longer exist, however, whenever I try to create the project again, I receive the error saying the Project Key already exist (see attachment).

Browsing for this project I can't see it, in no place, can someone share some Known Issues related with Git / Bitbucket or with this Version Control ? Or how to recover this project ?The documentation doesn't says much about it.

Operating system used: Windows


  • JordanB
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    Hi @jrjosias2

    Can you please share the exact steps you performed that resulted in your project being deleted?

    The easiest way to restore deleted projects is to restore from a previous backup. This may be feasible if the deletion of the project occurred recently and you are willing to forgo any new work or updates made in DSS since the last instance snapshot.

    Alternately, if you have a recent backup of the the full contents of the DSS data directory, then you could also perform a partial restore of the project configuration from a previous backup (or from the project copy in the _pre_migration_backup folder) as follows:
    1. Stop DSS
    2. Copy the project folder (located under "./config/projects/<PROJECT_KEY>") from the saved backup to the same location in the data directory of the DSS instance (i.e. "<DATA_DIR>/config/projects/<PROJECT_KEY>")
    3. Start DSS
    Note, however, that this would only restore the Flow and recipes itself, as there could be other project related information stored in other areas of the data directory (for example, uploaded data, contents of managed folders, model data, notebooks, etc.) that could have been dropped with the deletion of the project and may be unrecoverable.
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