Have the ability to use third-party module for Python UserDefinedFunction in a recipe

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Unlike a Python recipe which can use a custom code env with external Python modules, it is not possible to do it from a Python UDF in a preparation recipe.

This is documented in https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/code_recipes/python.html

> "Python UDF can only use a subset of the packages in the base Python installation and cannot use any other package"

I understand that Python UDF is executed with Jython 2.7 and :

- to me it is possible to call an external Python module with Jython as long as the module is compatible with 2.7

- and by the way in the DSS 5.1.2, the Jython version is obsolete 2.7b4, when the 2.7.0 is available

I may be missing some stuff but it would be cool to improve this essential Python UDF function :)

Best regards.

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    Thanks for pointing this out, you'll be happy to learn that this is on our roadmap and we that we are actively working on it!


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