Collaboration, sharing and versioning of an analysis

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Hello to all,

I'm writing to you because I would like to know if my solution is the most adapted to my problem (a diagram of my data flow in attachment)

So, I'm working on an analysis that evolves over time (optimization and move to production if ever the version is better than the previous version).

So in the flow zone 1, I have my version in production. However I would like to work on an evolution of this one so I copied the flow zone 1 in flow zone 2. I keep the same structure, just some more data will be added in the flow zone 2 to test other solution.

Once I make my modifications/evolution in the flow zone 2, it allows me to compare the values of the final dataset of this one with the version in production flow zone 1 and so I will keep the flow zone 2 if ever it is better than the flow zone 1.

So, do you think that it is the right solution to create flow zones to make my analysis evolve and to historicize the data? I should be able to keep a trace of the old versions if someone asks me how I got the results in 2022 for example. (to understand the differences and what I had done in my analysis)

Even for collaboration, if I work with another person who wants to make evolutions, I will create a copy of the flow zone of the analysis in production and he will be able to do his tests on it.

Sorry for this long post, I try to be as precise as possible so that you can help me. Thank you very much for being so reactive !



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