Adding Checks to Scanerios

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I have created a check on the rowcount of a dataset i.e. when the row count is less than 10 the check will fail. It is working fine when run manually.

Is there a way to create an alert for this check, that when the check fails I get an alert on Slack or email.

Also is it possible to add this check to scenario so that when the check fails, the scenario should fail.


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  • Emma
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    Hello @Sunaina

    Yes! In your Scenario, Steps section, Add Step > Run Checks and then use "Add Dataset to Check" to include the dataset that you have built your Check on. When the Check fails, it will fail the Scenario.

    In Settings > Add Reporter > Slack , you have the option to add a Slack (or email) alert. The docs are here.

    Hope that helps,


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