Create an (international) phone number meaning

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Just as dates, (international) phone numbers are a pain to handle.

It would be awesome to have a "meaning" for it.

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  • jereze
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    Thank you for your feedback. We will consider it for inclusion in a later version of the software.

    Meanwhile, you can use user defined meanings.

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  • SydneeOrr
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    I just saw you bumped the thread and wanted to thank you for sharing the tip. Thanks a lot for the help.

  • tgb417
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    As @jereze
    notes there is sort of an advanced feature of dataiku dss that may be able to help you.

    If you have a regular expression (regex) that know what an international phone number looks like; you should be able to create a pattern based user-defined meaning. Here is some basic documentation.

    Do note this warning:


    It is not recommended to enable auto-detection. Enabling auto-detection on a user-defined meaning can cause built-in meanings not to be recognized anymore, and can cause notable slowdowns in DSS usage.

    Please share any outcomes that others might find useful.

  • KennethCook
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    I totally get what you mean about international phone numbers being a pain. It would be so much cooler if they had some kind of hidden meaning or secret code. It's worth getting a temporary phone number in the USA. Just try searching for "usa temp number". Hope this still helps.ф

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