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I'd like to take my dataset and output it to a pipe delimited txt file. I poked around and I'm thinking a Python recipe would be the best method. Has anyone successfully done this?

Operating system used: Windows


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    One of the most commonly used dataset formats is CSV (comma-separated values). This is a text file, parseable by a text editor and with an extension '.csv'. You can control the separator in such files by goinginto the dataset's Settings > Preview and changing the separator (if the Type if the dataset is Separated values). Then rebuild the dataset.

    Now if you want to extract a file specifically into a file with a '.txt' extension, you can use the pandas 'to_csv' method. For example:

    import dataiku
    mydataset = dataiku.Dataset("customers")
    mydataset_df = mydataset.get_dataframe()
    mydataset_df.to_csv("/home/exampleuserhome/macpandas.txt", sep='|')


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