How to share data among different Dataiku application instances?

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I want to create Dataiku applications with some level of abstraction based on the type of users and for that i have built separate application instances for different types of users. I want to get the output results of 1 application instance and use them in another application instance. How can i do that?

For example UserA ran Application Instance 1 and a dataset with run status is updated with user A's entry.

A similar process if followed by userB and userC by using their own app instances.

I want a dataset where the update status of all three users is present but since dataiku app instances are independent of one another, the data updated by UserA is not reflected in the app instance of UserB and UserC and vice versa.

Operating system used: Ubuntu



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    Hi @Rushil09

    You can share data between app instances via quick or managed sharing:

    For example, you can share a dataset from one app instance to another by selecting the dataset in the flow > Actions > "Share" and select the target app instance.To see and manage the whole list of shared objects from a project (or app instance), go to Project > Security > Shared objects screen. For each object, you can configure the projects it is shared with.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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