Date Parsing from an Excel File Truncates the Century

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Hi All,

I have an .xlsx input with a field full of future dates (e.g. 3/8/2053). I was having an issue with DataIku truncating the century (e.g. 3/8/53), then parsing it into the previous century (e.g. 1953-03-08...). I managed to fix the issue by reformatting the Excel file date field to show a full date-time (e.g. yyyy-mm-dd hh:MM:ss), but I can't expect the end user to reformat his input file every time - the process runs daily.

I suppose I could add 100 years, but that might be tricky, too, if a 2024 date, for example, parses correctly.

Thanks all for any ideas.



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    Hello @earth2joy

    When does Dataiku is creating a problem by truncating wrongly the date ?

    When you are importing your xlsx file?

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