How do I get a file imported through the sharepoint plugin to update in Dataiku?

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We have successfully installed and configured the sharepoint plugin and uploaded a file to Dataiku. We want to use that as a source for a flow and integrate it with other data. This works but it doesn't update in Dataiku after updates to the file occur in sharepoint. How do I get Dataiku to pick up updates to this file? To clarify: I don't need the scenario to trigger, I just need the source to refresh when I run the scenario. Right now it just has the data from when I created the dataset.

thank you in advance!

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    Indeed what you can see in the explore section of the SharePoint datset is cached, but every time you start a build operation of anything linked to that dataset, Dataiku will then retrieve the data at the source.

    One thing you can do is to use a sync recipe between your SharePoint dataset and another local dataset for instance, and get a scenario to trigger the build of that local dataset. The second dataset will be updated even though the initial SharePoint dataset still shows the initial cached data.

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