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We recently updated our Dataiku license but now our API endpoints are not working on our Dataiku Deployer node. We get the following warning on each of our API endpoints "

Failed contacting the API node

Failed to get deployment status from API Node '<url>': Connect to <IP address> failed: Connection refused (Connection refused), caused by: ConnectException: Connection refused (Connection refused


The logs are not very helpful as they only mention the connection refusing.

Do I need to enter the license file on the backend (EC2 instance) or is it sufficient to input the license only in the front end dataiku UI?

Any help getting the API nodes working again is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Operating system used: Linux

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  • JordanB
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    Hi @ryanraasch

    If you are using Fleet Manager, you're DSS license should be updated on the Fleet Manager instance and your DSS instances will need to be reprovisioned.

    If you are not using Fleet Manager, you'll need to access the ec2 instance terminal and update your license on the API node, located at the ${DATA_DIR}/config/license.json (replace DATA_DIR with your API node's data directory). Then, please restart your api node by running the command ./bin/dss restart

    Please give that a shot and let us know if you are still getting a connection error.


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