Improve error message when DSS fails to start up due to disk being full

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If any idea can be quick win, this is the one! Recently we faced an issue whereby DSS failed to start with the following error:

Error: Cannot open an HTTP server: socket.error reported errno.ENOSPC (28)For help, use /dataiku/dataiku-dss-11.2.1/python.packages/supervisor/ -h

Running the suggested command produced even more confusing error:

Traceback (most recent call last):File "/dataiku/dataiku-dss-11.2.1/python.packages/supervisor/", line 37, in <module>from supervisor.medusa import asyncore_25 as asyncoreImportError: No module named supervisor.medusa

Turns out these errors are all to do with the DSS DATA_DIR disk running out of space! So obviously the ask here is to make this error more user friendly. Having said that the easiest way will be to add a few lines of code to the dss startup script to check for available space before starting and fail to start with a meaningful message if the disk is full.

Homework for Dataiku Dev prioritising this enhancement: work out how many support tickets has this misleading error generated. At least 2 of those are ours...

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