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Good Day Experts

I'm relatively new to DataIKU and had several questions pertaining to this operation:

- A Flow is set up pulling data from a database (shown in photo attached). These are then put through multiple recipes to arrive at a final dataset which I want to use in PowerBi.


1. I have set a scenario to automate the Force Rebuild the final Dataset and Dependencies (every 24hrs). Will this automatically rebuild all the dataset and recipes upstream? If not, please advise.

2. How do I connect the final dataset to PowerBi and have this updated on the 24hr timeline as well. Currently I am attempting to use the PowerBi Plugin, however I'm encountering an Authentication error.

Looking forward to your advice,




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    Hi @sm1986

    1. It will rebuild all dependent datasets if you select "Force-rebuild dataset and dependencies" in the scenario build step. Otherwise, as your input is an SQL dataset changes would not be detected. You can read more about this here:

    2. As mentioned to Automate the PowerBI exports you will need to create an Export to folder recipe with empty folder and select the proper credentials. Depending on how you PowerBI and what presets you have available, you may need to add credentials . Go to Profile & settings > Credentials for your DSS account. Click the edit button for the Power BI preset you are configuring. This will redirect you to a Microsoft single sign-on page. Log in to the account if necessary and click Yes. If you need further help with the authentication issues you should raise a support ticket with the job diagnostics from your Export to Folder recipe to start with.

    Hope this helps!

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