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I'm new to dataiku and installed dataiku DSS on a linux VM following the instructions here

Next, I'd like to import code from Gitlab.

Is the git integration available in the VM edition? And if yes, can you provide detailed instructions on how to set it up.



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    Hi @datatangerine
    Based on your last note you have created the ssh key in the wrong path.

    For this to work in DSS you should have it in the .ssh directory of the dss user e.g


    Alternatively, you can point it to a different ssh key path but this the git version installed to be version to 2.1+
    CAn you please try to re-create the id_rsa or ed25519 in the right directly and try to ssh again with the flags -vvv to see more details about which SSH key was used?

    ssh -vvv git@..



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