Can not export a webapp published in dashboard as pdf

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I have built a bokeh webapp in Dataiku and published it to a dashboard. I want to export the dashboard as a pdf from the action menu to the right but I get only a blank page.

I tried to save the bokeh webapp as an insight and then add the insight to the dashboard, then I can export the dashboard as a PDF but can't use the filters I created in the webapp to filter the data before exporting to pdf.

Can somebody please advice on this issue?


  • tashaygm
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    My team has also encountered this issue recently and would love to know when a solution is available.

  • tgb417
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    wand @erikalyxell

    Welcome to the Dataiku community, we are so glad to have you here.

    I’m not actively using Dataiku Webapps in dashboards. However, I know that the default installation of Dataiku will not export .PDFs. You have to do a post upgrade/install, installation of some additional graphics components.

    This link documents the install process.

    I’d make sure this has been done first, and that general .pdf-ing from dashboards works. Then I’d retest what you are working on.

    If that does not work, I’d submit a support ticket. The support team is very helpful.

    I can imaging that others in the future would benefit from hearing back about what you ended up finding about this. So when you have solve this I’d like to invite you to share your solution here as well.

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