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Hi all,

I have a python script that is deployed as an API using Dataiku's API designer.
The python script uses a csv file for some computations. This file is present in a managed folder of my project.

There are cases when this file is changed. To make the Python API use the latest version of this file, I have to redeploy my API every time.

Is there a way to make the Python API use the latest version of the file present in the managed folder without the user redeploying the script?

Operating system used: Windows


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    Hi @Usersyed

    To automate this process, you could create a Scenario (triggered by a dataset or folder change) and use the following scenario steps:

    1. Create API service version

    2. Update API deployment

    Unfortunately, there is no way to have the file API use a new version of the dataset without performing an update.

    Hope this helps!




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