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hi, wondering if it is possible to trigger a scenario when a file arrives to a a subfolder. I have a network shared folder mounted to a managed folder, the mounted folder is a large network path with multiple subfolders. how do I only point the trigger to a specific subfolder to monitor as opposed the the parent folder?


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    Hi @HeteshPatel

    I would suggest pointing a new managed folder to the specific subfolder that you would like to watch and use the "trigger on dataset change" trigger with that managed folder selected.




  • HeteshPatel
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    I managed to get this working via a custom code as a trigger, posting here so it may help others.

    from dataiku.scenario import Trigger
    from datetime import datetime
    import dataiku
    import glob
    import os
    from datetime import timedelta
    t = Trigger()
    Folder = dataiku.Folder("<FOLDER ID>")
    Folder_path = Folder.get_path()
    #Assuming you have a managed folder and within that folder is your mounted folder
    input_file = glob.glob(Folder_path + "/" +"MOUNTED_FOLDER/SUBFOLDER" + "/TriggerFile.txt")[0]
    #Function to check if your file is younger than the specified delta (ideally should match your trigger refresh timing)
    def is_file_younger_than(file, delta):
        cutoff = datetime.utcnow() - delta
        mtime = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(os.path.getmtime(file))
        if mtime > cutoff:
            return True
        return False
    if is_file_younger_than(input_file, timedelta(minutes=15)):
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