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Hi all,

I'm making a webapp with Dash.

I'd like to make only parts of a dataframe visible to certain users, depending on permissions.

I've followed this to get the current user

and defined a dictionary like

user_permissions = {'':['School'],....}

I'd then like to do

if user in user_permissions:df = df[df['_group'].str.contains(('|'.join(user_permissions[user])))]

but I'm not sure how to use get `user` from the function `update_output_div`. Could anyone help please? Thanks in advance!

Operating system used: Mac OSX


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  • Zach
    Zach Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS Adv Designer, Registered Posts: 153 Dataiker
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    Hi @meevans1

    You can get the username from the "authIdentifier" key in the "auth_info_brower" dict.

    Here's a complete example:

    import dataikufrom dash import dcc, html, Input, Outputfrom flask import requestuser_permissions = {'user1': ['School'],'user2': ['Foo', 'Bar']}app.layout = html.Div([html.H6('Change the value in the text box to see callbacks in action!'),html.Div(['Input: ',dcc.Input(id='my-input', value='initial value', type='text')]),html.Br(),html.Div(id='my-output')])@app.callback(Output(component_id='my-output', component_property='children'),Input(component_id='my-input', component_property='value'))def update_output_div(input_value):request_headers = dict(request.headers)auth_info_brower = dataiku.api_client().get_auth_info_from_browser_headers(request_headers)user = auth_info_brower['authIdentifier']if user in user_permissions:return '|'.join(user_permissions[user])else:return 'User not authorized'




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