Add project name as an available variable in scenario reporters

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When using webhooks (or other targets) to report job successes and failures there is no pre-defined variable to include the project name in the body of the message. This is a useful thing to include in the body, and something we are currently having to statically define in each 'reporter' configuration. Adding project name in as an available variable would simplify the creation of notifications.

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  • Katie
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    Thank you for the feedback, we've received your request and will let you know if we develop this feature!



  • me2
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    There is a workaround solution. Create a variable(s) using Project Variable > Global Variables such as:

    { "project": "Project Name" }

    Then in Scenario Reporter you can call that variable in the message section like you would call out the standard available variables, 'Name of the Scenario' or 'Scenario Result', etc.


    I am using multiple sub-project names / scenarios in the same project so I use multiple global variables such as "project[A...Z]". It's not as clean but I do like the customization capability.


  • Turribeach
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    I agree this really should be present and sure this can't take long to implement. Most likely a single line of code as the Project ID is certainly known to the scenario. If it helps your use case you can derive the project ID from the ${scenarioRunURL} existing variable.

    Note for Dataiku: Worth adding both Project ID and Project Name along with the Project URL as well.

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