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Here is my current situation. I was able to launch one of my scenarios with variables set from an interface. All went well: datasets got updated as expected. I then went to the flow (of the new project instance, created via "Application Designer"). But then I wanted to return to the user interface that we expect people to use and found that there is no button to return me there. What should I do? Yes, I used the backspace of the browser to return to that point, but that is strange. Normally, Dataiku provides specific buttons to press for navigation. Do you have any knowledge of this issue? Thanks.

Operating system used: Mac


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    Hi @Erlebacher

    You should be able to select the instance name at the top menu and that will bring you back to the app interface created in Application Designer.

    Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 1.25.31 PM.png

    If that is not what you are looking for, can you please provide a screenshot to help us understand where you are in the UI?




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