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I am working with Application Designer. I have three scenarios created in my main project, and a tile "Run Scenario" in Application Designer. When I click on the "Test" menu, and try running the scenario, I get a message (see image):


The message suggests that my Scenarios have not been transferred to the Project instance running the test. What must I do to get this running? Thanks.

Operating system used: Mac Ventura



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    Erlebacher Registered Posts: 82 ✭✭

    I made some progress. I rebooted my computer, and now Dataiku seems to work again. But I return to the Application Designer, click on Test (create or update instance (full)), and run the scenario (which is now found). However, I find out that my various datasets were not recreated. For example, my csv files in the input folder of the newly created project are empty. How do I handle that? Thanks.

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