#TellYourStory: Students & Academics Share Their Dataiku Journeys

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It's here! The full Dataiku Academic Program video features stories from students and professors worldwide.

Once again, we’re pleased to be putting the spotlight on some of our top users in the field of higher education! Meet our community of academics and learn more about the support and resources offered by the Dataiku Academic Program in the video below. Continue reading to learn more about our mission to empower the next generation with Dataiku.


#TellYourStory About Dataiku

As part of our initiative and mission to make artificial intelligence and data science accessible to everyone — including academics, students, and researchers —and our commitment to nurturing the next generation of analytic talent, we launched the #TellYourStory campaign.

Dataiku's academic program has always supported faculty and students on their learning journey to Everyday AI. This year, we decided to ask our academic community about the stories behind their individual data journeys.

Professors and students from around the world came together to tell us what they like best about our platform, the importance of educating students on data and giving them the tools they need to develop their analytical skills, and how applying what they learned in the classroom has helped students develop the skills they need to succeed in the future.


Academics on the Dataiku Community

The Dataiku Academic Program can be leveraged by academics, students, and researchers, to get involved in a number of initiatives in the Dataiku Community. We enable students to unleash their creativity with Dataiku by participating in the annual Student Showcase Competition, which puts a spotlight on their innovations to inspire fellow students globally.

We’ve also supported a number of academics in their submissions to the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards, with Perry Beaumont (@phb2120
) of Columbia University being recognized for excellence in teaching for his entry on creating a data science module that fosters upskilling and professional opportunities for finance students .

Do you have a personal data science journey to share? #TellYourStory in the comments below!

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