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Student Showcase

Celebrating and recognizing students on their achievements with Dataiku.
Learn more about the Dataiku Academic Program

For any questions, please email academics@dataiku.com. We're here to help you celebrate your success!

Be recognized

Showcase your innovative use of Dataiku DSS and the outcomes you have generated to inspire fellow students globally.

Celebrate your individual & team's success

Take a step back to measure your achievements, as an individual or as a team, and what efforts led to these achievements.

Earn visibility in the data science community

Dataiku will provide opportunities for students to share their work by highlighting their projects across our social networks. This is a great opportunity to be seen.

Win special prizes and swag

Winners will be offered an exclusive digital certificate and the opportunity to present their work to Dataiku executives and industry leaders, and special swag will be sent to all participants for your contribution to knowledge-sharing.