find a deleted scenario ?

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Hi everyone,

I'm here because I have deleted an old scenario, and I want to get it back in my project ?

How can I do ?

Thanks !

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  • tgb417
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    Welcome to the Dataiku community.

    I’m not at a pc with Dataiku right now. But, I do want to point out that all changes in Dataiku are stored in a local Git Repository. You will find a history tab on the main project page. Other areas also have history pages. On the history tabs you can roll back changes. Do take a look at the documentation. You can roll back in a way that different pieces of a project become inconsistent with one another. So do rollbacks with care.

  • Zach
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    Hi @whormi

    Expanding on @tgb417
    's answer, the documentation for managing the Git history of projects is available here: Version control of projects. Please be sure to read the warnings in the documentation before reverting changes.

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