How create new dataset with the schema of an other existing dataset ?

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I have a CSV dataset with a schema. I want to extend this dataset. So I want to create new dataset with the same columns. How can I do that ? How can I export the schema of the initial dataset ?

Thanks for your responses.


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    Hi @Val1

    One way you can do this is by creating a managed dataset (+Dataset > Internal > Managed Dataset) as your target dataset and utilizing the Python APIs in a notebook to get the source dataset's schema/set the target dataset's schema. Please see our documentation on get_schema and set_schema.

    I've provided sample code below.

    import dataiku
    client = dataiku.api_client()
    project = client.get_project("projectKey")
    #get the source dataset schema
    source_dataset = project.get_dataset("source_dataset_name")
    source_schema = dataset.get_schema()
    #set the target dataset schema
    target_dataset = project.get_dataset("target_dataset_name")
    target_schema = target_dataset.set_schema(source_schema)

    Please let us know if you have any questions.



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