Is it possible to disable a recipe without deleting it from the flow?

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Is it possible to disable a recipe without deleting it or breaking it from the flow? Sometimes I have recipes that are computationally intensive and I'd like to put an extra measure in place to prevent them from running. Other times I have recipes I want to "archive" from my flow, but keep in place in case I decide I do need them again. I would love to see this functionality added to DSS.


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    Hey - I would recommend the below approaches.

    Compute Intensive Recipes:

    1. Define two(or multiple) different scenarios, one for running flow without the certain recipes and one with the Rest

    2. Using Scenarios, you can define in the flow what to run and what to not based on the Manual Trigger or an Auto Trigger.

    3. This is handy for Testing your workflows in Development, as well as gives you flexibility in Production to run certain parts of projects based on a Trigger condition

    For Archives:
    1. DSS Projects are integrated with git; you can create a branch of your project by keeping the recipes you want to archive and may need in future

    2. Keep the updated workflow in the branch which you want to bundle to publish on upper environments like QA or Prod.

    I hope this helps!

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